Wednesday, May 14, 2008

First Video Tutorial

First of all I just want to let everyone know that this isn't my idea that I came up with. Here's a link to the original video on Fiskars TV that I found and the person who made these for the very first time is Julie McGuffee. So thanks Julie for a wonderful idea. These are SO darling.

Ok this is my very first try at making a tut and it's not all that wonderful yet. I guess I need to get a couple gadgets like a tripod to make it easier to film. You guys DON"T want to know how I rigged up my camera to videotape this lol. Anyhow I hope that it works. I don't have a video editing program so this might be a bit long. I hope it works.



PS I'm SO sorry for the poor quality of this video, maybe by the next one I'll know better what to do.


Dawns Stamping Shop said...

OH MY goodness you're a STAR baby .. Great job on your 1st of many videos ...
Happy Stampin Girlie
Dawn Griffith

Tashana Lundy said...

Hey Sandee,

Thanks for the tutorial. I really appreciate all your help. Here is a link to my first attempts at the nugget p

Don't worry about the quality of your video. I got everything I needed from it. Great Job