Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Tutorial - Covered Frame *For You Marci*

So here goes my first tutorial. I'm not 100% on these yet, but let's see what YOU think.

What we're going to be making is this really nice covered frame.

I started off with a flat frame that I got from the Dollarstore. It had a removable back so it was easy to just unscrew the backing holders and take out the glass part.

I then laid it down and used Modge Podge on it.

Next place it on the piece of designer paper you'd like to use. I used MME's Magnolia line and press the frame down. At this stage I use my brayer to go over the front just to make sure that the glue adheres really good.

For the next step turn the frame landscape wise and fold over the edges like you would if you were going to wrap a present.

Do this on the 2 opposite sides, then on the 2 shorter sides (does this make sense)? Fold the corners really good with your thumb and forefinger.

Then cut it like in the picture. Glue the short sides and then the small tab part to the long end and then fold over the long ends and glue those in place too.

Once you're done with this you just need to cut out the frame part on the inside. Cut from the corner OUT towards the centre of the regtangle then go around till all 4 corners are done. I leave about 1" pieces for flaps and cut the rest away.

I fold my paper over first to make creases so the paper goes where I want it to. Then I glue down the flaps. We're almost done. At this point take your time and embelish what you want on the front. I used some flowers and a sentiment as well as some gold organdy ribbon.

I hotglued the glass back in place after my embelishments were done and then simply put the 4 little screws back in position and you're ready to frame a picture.