Thursday, July 26, 2007

Wahooo I'm a RAKKER!!

I'm so super excited because just last night I got my acceptance into the RAK group on SCS. I've been going through all the forums there and it looks like and awesome place. I can't wait to start sending out RAKS. I'm forever doing swaps and keep most of the cards in a binder but hey I make more all the time and so I need people to send it to!!! Enter the RAK group. There are 2480 members in it!! WOW what a number eh? I think a huge thanks has to go out to all the ladies who keep up that forum and all the hours they put in to keep up with it. So THANKS to the RAK group moderators and volunteers.

Well I'll be posting something else today. Thinking of a project I'm still working on so hopefully I'll have something.

Well you all have a great stamping day and lots of HugS


Diane said...

Woo Hoo! Send me one! (LOL)

Diane said...

BTW, Sandee, I tagged you as a Rocking Girl Blogger. Copy/Paste the image from my blog and tag 5 more rocking bloggers!