Wednesday, August 22, 2007


LOL yeah I've been a bit MIA but here I am agian. Just finished this set for a group send and wanted to share what I had done. I started out with a 12x12 scrapbook page and then added the cardstock and accesories to fit. My first project was the notebook with the pocket on the inside flap. Then I made a mini notebook and pen with the initail of the girl I'm sending to. After that I did the little crystal light holder and tag candy. Then I tackled the card and it didn't quite turn out as I had invisioned but I think it's still cute. It's been so fun and I spent about 5 hours on it.

I'm so excited to see that I'm heading for 500 hits. I'm thinking of doing some blog candy. I'll have to work on that tonight. For now I need to go, as I'm still needing to fix dinner and then I'm off to Wednesday service at church.

Have a great night everyone.



Ijsbeer said...

What a lovely set!!

Diane said...

Sandee, what a great set. You are so creative.


Shirley said...

Wonderful!! I would like to know more about the crystal light holder.