Monday, August 13, 2007

Happy mail Monday!!

Ok so why do I love SCS so much???? Because of all the GREAT people you meet and all the fun activities you do. I joined a swap called "Thinking of You" and it's awesome man!!!! I just got 3 packages in the mail today with all kinds of goodies and fun new toys to play with. Chachakate you're the BOMB for starting this thread and thanks so much for inviting me. I just sent out 3 packages as well today and I hope that the recipients will have as much fun as what I've been having. It's such a wonderful feeling when you open the mailbox (or your kid brings in an armful of packages) and it's HAPPY mail!!!! Nowadays all's you get it junk and bills - and I'm sure I'm not the only one who'd rather not see either of those items LOL.

I'm also working on my very very first tutorial for my blog and hope to be finished with the project by the end of this week. It's going to be a busy one for sure as we start our VBS tonight till next Sunday and I also have my SU club meeting tonight. Oh where is all the TIME I need to stamp!!!! Pout!!! I also have to run around getting laundry done today - not at all a favorite chore of mine - and as I have to use a laundromat it's even less of a fun chore. At least I have my kids trained to fold and pack away their own clothes, so that leaves me with the towels and hubbies and my clothes. Not a bad deal I think!!!

Ok so no piccies today as I've been doing some prepping for VBS and stuffing envies to mail out goodies. Hopefully I'll have time to show you all the awesome things I'm bringing back from club tonight.

So till then, happy stamping.


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