Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Well I'm so sorry I've been MIA since last week. It's been a busy get back to school week and no time for hardly anything. We went schoolshopping and finished up all the goodies the kids needed for the school year and running around getting all kinds of errands done. So I apologize to everyone who faithfully come see what's new in Sandee's corner.
I received this gorgeous card from my Divine Secret Sister over on SCS and she sent these cute cute pewter tags in the card. Aren't I spoiled? On that same note - I just got a package from my Wishrack secret spook and CAN"T WAIT TO OPEN IT!!!! I have to wait until Saturday to do that though and I'm just burning a hole in the side of the box wishing I had x-ray vision!!!
Well I guess I should go stamp as I have to send some glittery cards over to Cheryl.

See ya'll later and enjoy this wonderful Tuesday.

God Bless!!

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