Sunday, March 9, 2008

No posts

Ugg I've been bad again and not updating my blog everyday. I do have some GREAT news though. LOL I met another SCS buddy in real live. Turns out that scarphappily *Heidi* only lives 30 min from me and so yesterday SPUR of the MOMENT we decided to meet up and go spend some money at Hobby Lobby. LOL like I need an excuse to go shopping. ROFLMOA I did however spent a whole WHOPPING 1.67 on some stumps for my Prisma pencils. Heidi got some copics and she'll let me know how they are and whether I need to get some.

I'll post some pics of projects I did this weekend on the Mini VSN. It was fun playing along and this was the FIRST ever VSN where I could ACTUALLY see the stuff on my computer and work on the items at the same time. Last time I had to run back and forth between the upstairs and the downstairs. Not so good.

Well see ya'll tomorrow.


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