Friday, June 13, 2008

Oh Boy

Well I'm truly sorry for posting a blog candy update and then dissapearing. Had some major family stuff to take care of PLUS an interview in Detroit for my residency card. So major stressout and no time for blogupdating.

However I will be adding a blog candy link today and all you need to do is send a Get Well card - I'll be sending these to my big sister who is sick in hospital and they don't know why she's got pressure on her brain. So please send a Get Well card so I can pass it on.

Sandra Schoenborn
3372 Sky Way Drive
MI 48895

Her name is Mariette. She had a catscan yesterday but I'm waiting to hear from my mom as to what's going on. Update on that later. So leave a comment and send your card. I'll pick a random card. So please include your name on the back of the card and I'll send ya some blog goodies.



java diva said...

Sandra, is there any word yet on Mariette? I will be praying for her! And I'll get a card out tomorrow...need stamps!!

Bunny B said...

Sorry I couldn't send a handmade card as I don't think I'd make it in time all the way from Malaysia :P But I did get a card sent out :)

Hope Mariette gets well soon!