Monday, July 16, 2007

In Full Bloom

So I've been a bit busy doing NON stamping stuff this weekend and didn't get to post anything. Also I had an aweful day yesterday, starting with a huge headache and somewhere in the middle locking my car keys in the trunk - which cost me like $50 to get a locksmith out there to open it in like FIVE!!!!! seconds. So it wasn't one of my best. Figured I'd better stay away from sharp objects as I'm liable to cut something.

Well I did stamp a card on Saturday and love how it turned out. It's not very clear on the picture but I used some watered down lumiere and pounced it on the background of my focal image with some scrunched up plastic wrap. The bottom part of the background was done with two diamond shaped leftover rubber pieces from putting together stamps and made into the print pattern BG. I used some pearlex on it.

I am also so in love with my square steps punch and love useing this.
This is a total CASE of Diane Pappas' card on SCS. I can't find the exact card as I didn't save it but all cudos to Diane.
Well I hope you have a wonderful Monday and STAMP STAMP STAMP!!!!!


Diane said...

What a beautiful card! I just love it!

Very nice work.


Melanie aka Batgirl said...

Hey girl! I just gave you an award! check it out on my blog :)