Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Bad bad bad

Yeah I know I have been a bad girl lately. I haven't posted on my blog since Saturday. Shame on me!!!

I guess I was a bit busy on Sunday and Monday I just decided to "take the day off". We went to a singspiration at our Nazarene Church in Grand Ledge on Sunday night and it was wonderful. The talent was so awesome and we had nearly 200 people in the church. After we had something to eat and a general fellowship. It really was awesome. My kids went as well and seemed to enjoy it alot. LOL of course my 12yr old stepson probably enjoyed it most of all becuase there was limitless food for him to stuff himself. He's like a black hole at the moment and can put away as quick as you set it in front of him. I can't believe he's as skinny as he is with the amount he takes in.

The only project I have to offer today is an altered tin I made a couple of weeks ago. I stuffed it full of organdy ribbon and gave it to my friend Vickie this weekend. She also stamps and loves ribbon. The tin came from the dollar tree and had some wafersticks in them. It's a wondeful size to work with and I just loved useing my new MME paper on it.

Well hopefully I'll get back in the swing of things again this week.


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