Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter!!! and some new goodies to share

Hello everyone. Thanks SO much for the great comments on the last post. I so enjoyed making that set I just can't think of giving it away. LOL like I read on someone's blog the other day I guess I suffer from "Stampers Syndrome" - read more about it on Jan Tink's site. It's too hard for me to go giving away the very first project I make and then I just have to copy it or start on a new one, THEN what happens to the "stuff" I'm accumalating? It just sits around, looking nice. UMM yeah, but I'm running out of space man. Sheesh why's I gotta be such a packrat. My poor husband would probably love me more if I could get rid of a couple dozen boxes or so "stuff" hanging around with who knows what kind of stamping stuff in it. Seriously my space is getting smaller by the month - as I accumulate more "stuff" and stamps and whatnots. But hey, what's a girl to do, rubber therapy is the best therapy I've ever had. Gimme a shout if you suffer from any kind of stress and I'll give you the info to go on rubber therapy lol.

I'm still working on getting all the stampsets I bought last month mounted, but I'll just do it as I need the sets. Thank goodness Stampin Up has all the sets already pre cut now, so it's a breeze mounting them. Poor rubber scissors are going to start getting a complex, because now I hardly ever use them.

Well on to the fun stuff. I made a couple of thank you cards for some very special ladies. We went to supper at our Old Country Buffet on Tuesday and I just had to have a little something for them both. I made a little 3x3 magazine style card holder with 3 3x3's and envies. Of course I didn't remeber to take PICTURES so I'll have to make a new set - ha I didn't make one and keep it this time!!!!! But I did take pictures of the cards so here they are.

Lots of HugS everyone and have a Happy Blessed Easter Sunday!!!!!

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